"Open Boat " Fishing for Stripers or Fluke

every Wednesday AND Friday starting April 15, 2022.

"Open Boat Fishing" is for single anglers who are unable to put together a 4 man charter. We bring like minded single anglers like yourself together and you get to join us on a 6 hour fishing trip for Stripers or Fluke. That's right.....you'll be sharing the cost of a fishing experience with other anglers.

Sailing Dates and Availability....

Date and Species
Current Openings Available

Rules, Rates and Policies governing "Open Boat" fishing:

1-Your fare for the trip is $150.00/pp for a 6 hour trip and does not cover the gratuity for the mate. All trips depart the dock at 7 am. Customary gratuity for the mate is 20% of your fee.

2-Your fare must be "paid in full in advance" via a credit card over the phone by calling 908-421-4761 to make your reservation.

3-All "Open Boat" fishing will take place on a Wednesday and Friday schedule starting April 15, 2022. Spot availability is listed in the table above.

4-If the captain decides, the night before, not to sail due to inclement weather or mechanical breakdown of the vessel, we will reschedule your trip.

5-If you have an emergency, we will reschedule your spot for the next available open date.

6-If you are a NO SHOW on the day of your trip......you forfeit all monies tendered to Reel Fun...NO EXCEPTIONS!

7-Spot availability is listed above and updated as dates get filled.

8- We operate on a "all for one and one for all" system. All cleaned fillets will be distributed equally amongst all anglers. Everyone shares the "bounty" equally.

9-Boat MUST be full before we can sail....meaning we must have 4 anglers on any specific day for us to sail. Anything less and we will reshcedule for another day.

To reserve your spot call...
Capt. John @ 908- 421- 4761

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