Charter Rules and Regulations


A $100.00 deposit is required to reserve all charters.
All deposits will be collected, via telephone, by credit card.
The unpaid balance is due in cash prior to departure.

A 3% convience fee is required on ALL credit card transactions.

Short Notice Bookings....All charters booked within 48 hours of departure
require full payment to be made via a credit card at the time of booking.

"Open Boat " Fishing

All anglers fishing with us on "Open Boat" Wednesday's or Friday's" are required to make
payment-in-full, in advance, of the day agreed upon with the captain.
All reservations are via telephone, by credit card.

If the trip is postponed, due to weather or mechanical breakdown, we will
reschedule the trip to a mutually agreed upon date.

All fish caught and retained will be cleaned and distributed "equally" amongst
all fishermen. Share and share alike is our M/O.

Total Number of Anglers

The total number of anglers permitted on any fishing trip is 4...and is STRICKLY enforced.
Please don't ask if we will allow additional persons.
For comfort, as well as safety, 4 anglers is the total we take.

Sea Sickness

Becoming seasick is not a very pleasant experience. If you feel you are prone to motion sickness (sea sickness), please take the necessary steps, the night before, to help eliminate this issue. Be aware though, that if someone notifies me that they are seasick and has to return to the dock, regardless of time spent on the water, we will honor your wishes, BUT once we head back in, the charter is officially over for the day.

Weather Postponements....

High winds are the single biggest factor in a poor fishing trip and can be dangerous too.
Because the wind dictates so much of fishing success, a day that is bright and sunny
doesn't mean we will have a good day of fishing.

**All weather postponements are made at the Captains discretion, NO EXCEPTIONS**
If we have to postpone your trip due to a weather related issue,
your deposit will be applied to a rescheduled date.

I will call you the night before to confirm our trip.

Remember, your safety is first and foremost.

Drugs, Drinking & Firearms

Reel Fun Sportfishing operates a "ZERO TOLERANCE" drug policy.

You will be returned to the dock without a refund if the Captain
sees that you are using illegal drugs, hard liquor, have a firearm or become intoxicated.

I have no problem with you having "a few" beers....2-3 cans max per person
during our trip.
Remember, we are there to fish....not party!

Hard liquor is NOT permitted on the boat at any time.

Firearms of any kind are STRICKLY forbidden.

Conduct that is unsafe to the crew and/or the other anglers
will result in the immediate return to the dock without a refund.

For the safety of both the passengers and the crew, all bags, coolers
or tackle bags/boxes WILL be inspected before boarding.
Refusal to allow inspection will result in refusal to board.

But be aware that I, as Captain of this vessel, have the right to refuse boarding
any person or group I feel have come to drink and "party" instead of fishing.

Minimum Age Requirement

Due to the shear nature of fishing (hooks, knives and design of the boat)
we are unable to accommodate any children younger than the age of 12.

This policy is STRICKLY exceptions !

Anyone showing up at the dock with underage children will be turned away and your
deposit will be lost. So please be understanding of this policy because
it is in place for YOUR safety.

What NOT to Wear...

Anglers with black soled shoes will NOT be allowed boarding.

To reserve your date call...
Capt. John at: 908- 421- 4761

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