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Here's a brief description of the great inshore fishing that's available around Sandy Hook, NJ,

Striped Bass. . . . .
2019 Season: March 1 to Dec 31 (Rivers, Bays and 0-3 miles offshore)
Legal size keeper fish per angler per day: 1 fish @ 28"> then 1 fish 43">
Baits of choice: Chunking (Bunker heads and bunker chunks), clamming, eels or sandworms.
Fishing method: Drifting with Sandworms or Eels, chunking with Bunker heads, clamming, Trolling Stretch 25's and the HOT new steup....MOJO rigs as well as jigging/ and/or casting with bucktails, shads, spoons and other various artificials. We do whatever it takes to catch fish for you.

Striped BassThe most sought after inshore gamefish in New Jersey. "Stripers" are one of the ultimate gamefish that inshore anglers spend numerous hours seeking. From April through December, Stripers can be found throughout the New York Bight area. Stripers can range anywhere from "schoolies" to "cows" in the 50 lb. range. We use only the finest rods and reels drifting sandworms or eels or at anchor chunking bunker or clamming. We also employ the trolling of Stretch 25's and MOJO rigs, shad rigs and tube and worm on braid line outfits. Please be aware that we make every effort to return to the water large female Striped Bass especially if the fish has not yet spawned. We all would like to have the "braggin" fish in the 40-50 lb. range, but let's make an effort to preserve the species for future generations. Science has shown that Bass in the 34" and larger size range are mostly female's, so please take your legal limit but also let's not waste a valuable resource.

As far as Stripers are concerned....fish responsibly.

New Jersey State Record Striped Bass: 1982 by Al McReynolds 78 lbs., 8 oz. @ Atlantic City.

Fluke (Summer Flounder). . . . . .
2019 Season:
May 24 to September 21, 2019
Legal size keeper fish per angler per day: 3 fish @ 18" or >
Bait of choice: Squid, spearing, sandeels, live snappers, peanut bunker, bluefish or bunker ribbons.
Fishing method: Drifting bait or jigging and casting Bucktail lures.

FlukeOne of, if not, THE most delicious eating fish in the New Jersey waters. Fluke is one of New Jersey's highly sought after fun fish to catch during the summer and fall months. Drifting baits such as Squid strips, Spearing, Sand Eels, Bunker strips, Bluefish strips, Sea Robin belly, peanut bunker and live snapper are some of the most productive ways to catch Fluke. Once again using light tackle gives you the ultimate opportunity to try to land the biggest of Fluke "the Doormat". Fluke usually range in size from 2 lb up to 5,6 & 7 lb'ers commonly found in New Jersey waters. "Doormat Fluke" of 10 lbs or greater are quite common.

New Jersey State Record Fluke: 1953 by Walter Lubin 19 lbs., 12 oz. @ Cape May

2019 Season: Open all year
Legal size keeper fish per angler per day: No minimum size, 15 fish bag
Bait of choice: Chumming bunker, casting & jigging metals.
Fishing method: Chumming, jigging/casting metal lures or trolling.

BluefishPound for pound, the nastiest fighting fish in the water.......hands-down winner! Bluefish on light tackle is a fishermens dream come true. Fishing for Bluefish can be done by chumming with bunkers or other types of bait, casting jigs and other artificials or trolling shad lures and deep diving plugs. Small Bluefish in the 2-3 lb. range are great eating, as Bluefish can also come into the 12-14 lb. range.

Weakfish (Sea Trout). ....
2019 Season: Open all year
Legal size keeper fish per angler per day:
1 fish @ 13" or >
Bait of choice: Sandworms or Peanut Bunker
Fishing method: Drifting Sandworms or Peanut Bunker or jigging & casting lures.

WeakfishSleek and beautiful, the weakfish (named so because his jaw is quite soft) is probably one of the most beautiful fish in the Northeast. Weakfish have a purple-hued back, bronze and deep green coloring around the head, silvery sides and the unmistakable yellow fins. Weakfish range in size from 2 lb'ers found in the back bays to 12 lb'ers found along the coast, with an occasional 14 lb'er thrown in for good luck. Drifting with Sandworms is my method of choice, although casting and retrieving soft-tail lures such as the Fin-S in bubblegum catches fish too.

New Jersey State Record Weakfish: 1986 by Karl Jones 18 lbs., 8 oz. in Delaware Bay.

Winter Flounder...
2019 Season: March 1 thru Dec31
Legal size keeper fish per angler per day: 2 fish @ 12"
Bait of choice: Sandworms, squid and clams
Fishing method: Chum with chum logs and chum pots and/or a mixture of corn, rice and rabbit food.

Winter Flounder
One of the most delicious fish you can eat from the New Jersey waters. Typically the first fish of the spring fishing season found in the rivers of the Navesink and the Shrewsbury. Fish with an anchored boat along the edges of the channels and use chum logs/chum pots on the bottom. We also use a mixture of rice, corn and rabbit food tossed overboard to attract the flounder. Biat your hook with small pieces of sandworms and a flounder rig with small bank or dipsy type sinker. KEEP BOUNCING THOSE ROD TIPS TO ENTICE A STRIKE!!!!

Black Sea Bass...
2019 Season:
Legal size keeper fish per angler per day:
Bait of choice: Clams and small cut squid
Fishing method: Bottom fishing at its best from an anchored boat.

Black Sea BassFound around underwater rocks and structure (ex: Sandy Hook Reef, Shrewsbury Rocks, etc) Will be found along with the Tautog and you'll be fishing the same rigs. Not a tough a fighter as the Blackfish below, but still stubborn non the less.


Blackfish (Tautog)...
2019 Season:
Legal size keeper fish per angler per day:
Bait of choice: Clams, green crabs or white legger crabs
Fishing method: Bottom fishing at its best from an anchored boat.

TautogOne of New Jersey's greatest eating fish. Found around underwater rocks and structure (ex: Sandy Hook Reef) Break out your stout and sturdy equipment as these fish are real brutes to bring to the surface. Fish around rocky underwater structure such as the Sandy Hook Reef, the Shrewsbury Rocks as well as numerous wrecks and reefs along the coast of New Jersey.

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